Video: Gabe Duhon Taps To Kolton Englund and Ref Misses It At Legacy 48

Legacy Fighting Championship returned to Lake Charles, La for Legacy 48. As always, Legacy brought tons of action. 5 out of 7 fights didn’t go to the judges.

The controversy of the night goes to Gabe Duhon and Kolton Englund. Enlgund had an arm lock sunk in to the point Duhon tapped. While the ref stood over an watched, he never stopped the fight. Englund later told me that he began to release the lock because he felt Duhon tap and also heard his joint crack.

Duhon would end up gaining top position and finish Englund with strikes. Pat Miletich asked Duhon in his post fight interview if he indeed tapped, Duhon responded with “no”. Englund expressed to me that he will protest the results of the fight.

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