The King Is Back To Reclaim His Throne

Earlier today, it was announced that the UFC would reinstate their former light-heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones. Jones was suspended and stripped of his light-heavyweight title by the UFC, following his arrest on felony hit-and-run charges. You guys remember the whole pregnant lady, weed pipe, magnum condoms, and jumping a fence ordeal? Jones faced a judge in September and accepted the court’s plea deal which includes three years probation and community service.

What will this do for the light-heavyweight division? Well you can go ahead and count on Bader not getting a title shot, and expect Bones to get his belt back. The rematch with Cormier will be huge, but we all know what the outcome will be. Jones looks like he’s been staying in great shape lately, and would be the ideal fighter to headline a Madison Square Garden show next year. The UFC claims that they will be monitoring Jones closely, hopefully closer than they monitor his drug tests.

Lorenzo Fertitta was quoted as saying, “We’ve made it clear to Jon that this new opportunity to compete in the UFC is a privilege and not a right, and that there are significant expectations we have regarding his conduct moving forward. We’re happy to read and see reports that he has embraced the terms of his plea agreement and is using this experience to grow and develop as a person.”

Nothing has been confirmed for his first fight back, but expect the news to come soon.

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