Jon Jones Subliminally Tweet DC, Cormier Subliminally Returns

Jon Jones is becoming more active on social media since returning from his sabbatical. He’s still deleting his post, but he does seem to be getting better at not doing that as well.

Earlier today, Jones post at tweet that stated (I transcribe because we don’t know if Jon will delete the tweet):

Take as much time as you want, the fire inside of me won’t be dying down anytime soon. #AndStill
9:39pm · 19 Oct 2015”

This is a clear response to current UFC Light-Heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, stating he would be taking time of from fighting because of his schedule with consistently fighting top opposition.

Jones didn’t @ Cormier directly, but it was obvious. In a response tweet, DC comes back with:

No clue if Jones will throw another twitter shot, respectfully, but DC doesn’t seem to be backing down.

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