Audio: Ronda Rousey Hangs Up On UFC 193 Conference Call After Travis Browne Question

When it comes to media, the thing that gets the clicks is personal life stories. Not too long ago UFC heavyweight Travis Browne’s wife made some post on social media, saying Travis had physically abused her, she also posted photos. Travis was suspended by the UFC, and an internal investigation took place. Once the investigation was done, there was not enough evidence to prove he did anything, and he was reinstated. Also during his time away, Travis had been spotted with UFC champion Ronda Rousey. Eventually, Travis came out and said they were an actual couple.

With UFC 193 just over two weeks away, it was about time a media conference call took place. One reporter decided to ask Ronda about her relationship with Travis, and immediately after, there was silence. Now, I’m not saying it was a coincidence that there was a disconnection, but I’m pretty sure she hung up.

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