Video: Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Allegedly Drunk On Flight

Southwest is the airline I fly with most. I enjoy the prices, open seating, and the other services. I can’t say I’ve had a bad experience with them.

On a Southwest flight, a passenger recorded a flight attended, on duty, who possessed the characteristics of an intoxicated person. I don’t know if I would want this guy on my flight for messing up my Dr. Pepper order, or want him on my flight for the humor.

Prior to recording the video, the attendant was speaking into the handset, but had no idea there was no audio, until he pressed the mic button. It was then that the passenger reached for the phone.

The attendant slurs and forget his words at around the 00:20, before dozing off and letting his hand with the microphone slowly lower down, until abruptly waking himself. He tries to return the handset to the holster but lets it fall to the seat, before he gets the wobbles as he stands.


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