Video: Britain’s Worst Boxer Wins 1st Fight After 51 Straight Losses

If you have taken 52 L’s, unless you took a dive in those fights, you have suffered serious brain trauma. Maybe the brain trauma is what kept him fighting, I honestly don’t know.

Robin Deakin has been called “Britain’s Worst Boxer”, after nine years and 51 loses, Deakin won his second bout. Deakin won in his debut in 2006, the dropped 51 straight. At one point, the fighter’s boxing license was revoked. But after taking 17 months off, Deakin returned to out pointed Latvia’s Deniss Kornilovs, in a four rounder at London’s York Hall.

I for sure don’t want to be the guy to lose to the 1-51 guy.

h/t WSHH

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