Cage Combat 22 Fight Card (Dec. 19, 2015)

Garcia Promotions looks to close out 2015 with an action filled card. Returning to the Humble Civic Center, there is a plethora of fights scheduled. There can be no more than 15 fights on a card, so look to see the majority of the fights fall off.

The card is scheduled to have two title fights, and all are currently vacant. Tickets for the event can be purchased here at

Fight Card (Subject to Change):

205 Title – Danny Bennett (Elite MMA) vs. CJ Hancock (4oz)

135 Title – Zach Henson (Elite MMA) vs. Cody Owens (Team Tooke)

130 – Scott Jackson vs. Tony Nguyen (Luttrell/Yee MMA)

170 – Derrick Ageday (Legions) vs. Ryan Connelly (4oz)

145 – Sebastian Vicente (Legions MMA) vs. James White (ATT Beaumont)

145 – Gustavo Gomez (GB Champions) vs. Alonzo Sanchez (Presa BJJ)

145 – John Rodriguez (Pound 4 Pound) vs. Kyle Villarreal (4oz)

170 – Hector Molina (Precision MMA) vs. Mikey Patterson (ACS)

205 – Jordan Zendejas (New World Combat) vs. David Simmons

135 – Reshal Malik (Zion) vs. Hector Renoj (ACS)

155 – Tim Cormier (Paradigm) vs. Chantz Gibson (SLMMA)

115F – Cameron Bodrey (One FC) vs. Amber Schoech (Ground Dwellers)

120 – Leicester Rivera (Legions MMA) vs. AJ Jimenez (4oz)

115F – Itzel Esquivel (Paradigm) vs. Rachel Ford (Iron Mantis)

125 – Francisco Obando (Precision MMA) vs. Colton Tijerina (ATT Beaumont)

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