Fedor Coming to The UFC?

The word going around town this morning, was that former Strikeforce Heavyweight, Fedor Emelianenko, has come to agreements with the UFC for his MMA return. Although he is scheduled to appear at a Bellator Fan Fest in September, reliable sources such as Front Row Brian, say the deal is already in place.



Word is, Bellator didn’t feel as if a Fedor coming out of retirement would be worth the money, but the UFC must have something big in the works for him. If only they could have landed Brock Lesnar, right?

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, I believe we will see Fedor in the octagon by the end of the year, possibly the last card of the year. Dana White has said many times over the past couple years that he had no interest in signing Fedor, but even he has a boss and they think it’s a good idea.

No clue on who will be the first heavyweight to welcome Fedor back, or if he will make a move down to light-heavyweight, which has been rumored. I don’t know how recent the last picture of Fedor that I saw was, but it didn’t look like he would be moving down in weight class.

Look for an announcement from the UFC soon, or not, and then you can go to my Facebook page and tell me how dumb I am. This is Pinche Mark reporting live from the streets. Stay classy folks!

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