CM Punk and Cathal Pendred Trading Shots On Twitter

When the UFC signed Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk, MMA fans damn near lost their minds. How can someone with no professional fights, go straight to the big show?

CM Punk trains under Duke Roufus, who is a world-class trainer, and trains with several high level fighters, including Anthony Pettis and Ben Askern. He has a great mix of training partners, and will compete in the middleweight division at 185lb. There has yet to be a time table set on his debut, and also who his opponent will be.

Today, he seemed to be going back and forth with UFC middleweight Cathal Pendred. It began with Pendred made a comment about CM Punk’s striking (Pendred isn’t one to really talk with his poor striking). Although many would like to see this fight, it’s highly unlikely due to the fact Pendred has 20 professional fights.

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