Video: Walk Off Knockout On The Vegas Strip

Vegas finally got the knockout they were wanting, just didn’t happen at the MGM Grand.

No clue to what started the argument between the two men, but sometimes, you just need to take your L and keep on moving.

Out in front of the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas, a bald-headed guy approached a hat wearing guy whom he was having a disagreement with. The guy wearing the hat must not have liked what he said, or the way he was approached, and landed a beautiful check hook that sent the bald-headed guy to the pavement. Instead of just walking away, the bald-headed guy stalked the hat wearer, for whatever reason. After shouting, maybe hit spat on him, the hat wearer unwound a right hand that finally put the guy to sleep. It was a walk off KO that would’ve made Mark Hunt proud.

Great day in Vegas right? Wrong, this dude gets Knocked Out twice! Damn!Great day in #Vegas right? Wrong, this dude gets #KnockedOut twice for #harassing & trying to #Fight this guy that’s clearly trying to walk away from #Fighting!

Posted by Raphael RJ2 on Sunday, May 10, 2015

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