Alex Moreno Headed Into The Teeth Of His Rematch With Rashid Abdullah

One of the most anticipated bouts on the Fury FC 4 card, is without a doubt the rematch between Alex Morono and Rashid Abdullah. The two fought in 2015, but the fight came to a bizarre ending.

To start off, it was a hybrid boxing and MMA card, fought in a ring. Abdullah went for a takedown, and the two flew out of the ring, crashing down onto the floor. In the second round, Abdullah was able to slam Morono to the ground, but as soon as Morono started changing position, Abdullah just kind of fell out the ring again. Later in the same round, Morono sunk in a deep arm bar and the two were close to falling out the ring again. The ref stopped them and made them reset mid arm bar, Abdullah was able to survive. Between rounds, the ref noticed a bite mark on Morono’s chest, and disqualified Abdullah. Abdullah would later say it was a result of going into “survivor mode” after falling head first to the ground.

Naturally, everyone is excited for this rematch. In the back of our heads, we’re all thinking, “he’s gonna bite that dude again.” Not to mention, Abdullah recently went to Facebook to announce he would not make weight due to taking the fight on short notice, but wants the money he will lose to Morono for missing weight, if he wins the fight. This fight is starting off as crazy as the first one ended. So, I talked with Morono to see how he felt about the rematch.

Mark Carrillo: Tell us what happened in the ring the first time you and Abdullah fought.

Alex Morono: That was a crazy fight for sure. So, sometime in the second round, I had swept him from half guard and he went out of the ring. While the ref was explaining that we had to start back in the center, he had taken out his mouthpiece. We start again and I end up on my back in closed guard, in the fight video you can hear my corner yell, “He doesn’t have his mouthpiece in!” I doubt it was premeditated, but I was looking for strikes/submission when I feel a sharp pinch on my chest and I remember yelling, “What the fuck? Did you just bite me?” I wasn’t thinking DQ or anything, it was mid-round and we were fighting; I just thought it was bizarre. We were in his corner and they were yelling, “No! No he didn’t!” Either way, I slapped on the arm bar and was cranking and cranking. The arm bar meter was maxing out, then the round ended. I stood up and walked back to my corner, and that’s when the ref noticed the bite mark on my chest. He told the commission and I heard them say to DQ him, so I knew the fight was over. I’d have been down to keep fighting, but I was cool with the decision because I didn’t want to get grossly fouled again.

MC: Was there any repercussions to Abdullah after the fight?

AM: They said he was to be banned or suspended, but nothing happened, which I didn’t care about. My business was done, I was just happy to get a fight and get some experience. I just wouldn’t want to see it happen to anyone else, plus, it’s just bad for the sport. I hate that everyone mentions it, plus it’s an odd mark on my record win or not. It’s out of my hands though, so what can I do? What I don’t get, is how the commission has all of these crazy rules and ways of doing things when we weigh in. There are super strict rules about that, but when it comes to the safety of the fighters, no one seemed to care. A much better system would be to weigh in right when we get there, then handle all of the other stuff. I HATE having to follow a broken system, and it’s in my pioneer spirit to question what isn’t right.

MC: Have you talked to Abdullah since the fight?

AM: Yeah, right after the fight, he came back and apologized. I was cool with it too, life is too short to waste energy on being angry. The fight was already over and I got the win. I wish things had gone differently, but it’s all said and done. The apology was accidentally filmed with a Go Pro that one of my corners had on, and one guy who watched it thought I handled it so well he gave me some sponsorship money for the next fight, which was pretty cool.

MC: Any hard feelings towards Abdullah?

AM: No hard feelings. Again, it would have been cool if it didn’t go down that way, but I’m not the one with the DQ on my record. I know there will be a different outcome this time around. After seeing his recent video interview, it seems like he’s chasing this crazy dream like the rest of us, and you have to respect that. I don’t have hard feelings towards anyone, after a fight anyways. It’s kill or be killed until then.

MC: Your last fight was a kickboxing match for Legacy that ended with your opponent breaking his arm on your leg. Did you enjoy kickboxing, or do you like to have the option of going to the ground?

AM: Hell no, kickboxing all the way. I hate the clinch and ground work in MMA. It can be an entertaining aspect, but there are so many people who hold someone down and pray to win a round. That pisses me off more than y’all know as a fan and a fighter. At the end of the day, it’s a cage fight, so scrap it out. I’m always going to look to do damage on the feet. I know I have some submission wins, but I don’t go for the takedowns. When in the cage, I’m ready to inflict as much damage as possible and have super confidence in my striking. I’m actually making my professional boxing debut March 13th, then I’m hoping to fight in a pro Thai fight April 11th, depending on if I can get an opponent or not. That finish for Legacy was something I needed. Knowing I can break people literally with strikes has only made me stronger. These fights are the absolute coolest experiences I have in life, and I crave them more and more.

MC: Your last fight for Fury FC ended in the first minute of the fight. Do you think you can finish Abdullah the same way?

AM: With all my heart and soul, you’ll see me try. Rashid is strong and durable, he knows I’m coming after him and I know he’s coming after me. I’m looking for a finish at any moment. I’m not going to do anything foolish, but if I sense it’s a good time for a finish, I’ll go for it with all of my might. And if I don’t get it, I’ll die trying.

MC: How would you prefer this fight to end?

AM: KO. All fights, every fight, doesn’t matter who I fight. KO is gold and I’m not looking for any silver.

MC: Have you been working on any counter sweeps from the biting position for this fight?

AM: Haha no. I better not get fucking bitten again.

MC: I seriously doubt it would happen. But, what would you do if you felt teeth sink into your flesh?

AM: He’s my biggest threat right now, and that won’t happen again. Rashid, if you read this, know I’m glad we both got a match up and let’s put on a good show; definitely get a different outcome than last time. After the fight, I’ll buy you a beer, even though I don’t like drinking.

MC: Who would you like to thank for helping you prepare?

AM: All of my brothers at GB The Woodlands MMA. Without my team I have nothing; I’d kill for them and die for them. I’ve been working a lot with Michael Corley at Houston Muay Thai, I did a lot of my kickboxing camp there and will do a lot of my boxing camp there. Such a great group of people, I wish I could get there more. My Team Tooke boys, they also have given me so much great work over the years especially when my training partners at home grew thin. A lot of my competition success has come form cross training there. All of my sponsors, most importantly my brother. He makes all my posters, shirts, highlight videos, flyers, and website. Any fighters out there looking to seriously promote yourself hit him up. Mx2Interests, and the Houston MMA community. I’ve been in the game almost a decade now, and have known a lot of cool people for a while. There really is nothing else in life I’d rather do, and it’s cool to have made so many friends along the way. If anyone wants to get some good training and doesn’t have an ego problem, my gym doors are always open. We have hard sparring every Saturday at 1, and we’re always looking to get some hard work in. Thanks for the interview man, I can’t wait to let my warrior spirit fly. These fights are my favorite thing in life.

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