HS Girls’ Basketball Team Goes Scoreless

In competitive team sports, I’m one that believes that you should try to crush your opponents, it doesn’t matter how terrible they are. If you’re able to go 80-0 like girls’ basketball team, Detroit Cass Tech, did to Osborn, then so be it, you smash them.

When I read the initial headline, I thought the dominant team ran their starters against a sub-par team for the entire game, that wasn’t the case.

“My starters only played 6 minutes in the first quarter, then I put the seniors back in for literally 2 seconds, just so they could get a standing ovation when I took them out because it was senior night,” said Thrower. As a former athlete myself, you never want to see anything like that. You hear about stuff like this. You want it to be a competitive game. It was just a bad situation. A mismatch.”

Well, if you can’t score against the third and fourth string, that school may want to cancel their girls basketball program and allocate those funds elsewhere, like maybe the glee club.

h/t BlackSportsOnline

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