Video: Another Exploding Cauliflower Ear

The first exploding cauliflower ear I can remember seeing was James Thompson’s when he fought Kimbo Slice. Then most recently, there was Leslie Smith’s ear at UFC 180. Now, at Atlas Fighting Championship 4, Dion Rizzuto is the latest to have his ear explode like something in a horror movie.

At Atlas Fighting Championship 4 this Fall in Biloxi, Mississippi, professional welterweight Rance Jones Jr faced debuting pro Dion Rizzuto. Rizzuto apparently suffered a cauliflower ear during training, but didn’t have it packed or drained.

Fighters talk about having dynamite in their hands, but this was different. When Jones landed a left to Rizzuto’s left ear, it earxploded.

Then the referee stopped the bout at just 36 seconds of the first round.


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