Derrick Lewis: “I will never let it go to the judges again”.

This Friday night in Mashantucket, CT, Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis collides with Matt Mitrione in the octagon at UFC Fight Night 50: Jacare vs. Mousasi. The televised event will air on Fox sports 1, and will be headlined by middleweights Ronaldo Souza and Gegard Mousasi. Lewis asked for Mitrione after finishing his second UFC opponent inside the first round, when he knocked out Guto Innocente at TUF 19 Finale; the UFC granted him his wish. Lewis is known for having heavy hands, earning 10 KO/TKO finishes in his career, while Mitrione has 6 finishes himself. This most certainly is a recipe for a classic heavyweight slugfest where only one man is left standing at the end, and Lewis is ready to show Mitrione he is more than a “bigger Kimbo Slice”. I caught up with Derrick while he was relaxing in his room at The Foxwoods Resort and Casino, where a certain brunette UFC ring girl was feeding him grapes, and a certain blonde one was ironing his fight shorts.

Pinche Mark: How are they treating you in Connecticut? Any new Black Beast fans out there?

Derrick Lewis: Yes and they are treating me real good like always. I love it.

PM: How do you feel about Mitrione’s recent comments where he refers to you as a “bigger Kimbo Slice”?

DL: I’m glad he thinks that, I hope he fights me the same way.

PM: How do you think you compare to Kimbo Slice?

DL: Only comparison between us is that we’re both black. Other than that, I believe I am a better MMA fighter than him.

PM: I’ve seen footage of you hitting mitts with Kru Bob, and you’re looking pretty fast these days. Can we expect to see you show off this speed Friday night?

BB: Yes you can. I hope to get in there and show it off.

PM: Both of you guys are coming off of first round KO finishes, and have 16 of them between the two of you. Is it safe to say that this fight will not last three full rounds?

BB: I will never let it go to the judges again.

PM: After just 2 UFC fights, you have already jumped on the radar and earned yourself a televised main card fight. A win over Mitrione could secure you a big name fight. Does that make this fight more important than any other fights you’ve had?

BB: They are all important. Every fight is a big fight for me from here on.

PM: Are there any heavyweight names that might get called out in your post fight interview?

BB: Yeah, there are 4 of them. You will have to tune in to find out who.

PM: Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

BB: 4 oz Fight Club, Reflex Strength & Conditioning, Larry Crowe, Big Chris, and also Mike “The Truth” Jackson and yourself.

Be sure to tune in to UFC Fight Night 50 on Fox Sports 1 this Friday night, the prelims begin at 6 CT. Also, follow Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis on Twitter @Thebeast_ufc.

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