Superior Combative Championships 7 Fight Card (May 16, 2014)

Fight Card (Subject to Change):

155 Title – Ralph Garcia (CSI) vs David Kelly (Fight Lab)

135 Title – Edward Longoria (Bushi Ban) vs Jake Snyder (SOL Combat)

125 Title – Ramiro Ruiz (4oz) vs Robert Walker (Fusion)

155 – Frank Rodriguez (Gold Team) vs Terrell Collins (SOL Combat)

130 – Mike Dunn (4oz) vs John Walker (Fusion)

135 – Shakeem Richardson (Gold Team) vs Preston Anderson (Kirk Hubble)

135 – Phong Doan (Gold Team) vs Daniel Turner (SOL Combat)

155 – Tony Nguyen (4oz) vs Nicholas Gay (SOL Combat)

155 – Zachary Miller (Rising Sun) vs Luke Crawford (Northside MMA)

125 – Tony Nguyen (4oz) vs Jacob Norsworthy (Bushi Ban)

135 – Jeff Hoppas (4oz) vs Maurice Horn (Gracie Barra Westchase)

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