Houston MMA’s Most Intriguing Character (Championship Winner)

With March Madness going on, what better way than to have a Houston MMA version. A poll was created to determine the most notable characters who have been around Houston MMA. Individuals have been seeded and we will have a winner. They will receive a free hug from someone in the Houston MMA community.

After a week of seeding and voting, Houston MMA’s most notorious character is none other than Levi “2Fly” West. Many people may have their own personal stories about Levi, but he will most notably be known for “Westing” (a term I came up with) on AXS TV.

Levi hasn’t been in the cage since Legacy 15. When will he return?… What is your favorite Levi story? Comment below.


Levi “2Fly” West

Bracket leading up to the finals…

5 replies on “Houston MMA’s Most Intriguing Character (Championship Winner)”

  • Saul Soliz didnt make it to R2 and neither Time Mousel nor Bob Perez are even on the list? I call shenanigans.

  • You never know. His last round was VERY close… You haven’t been around that long.

  • We all know Clarence was single-handedly THE MOST talked about person in the MMA community here in Houston

  • How come eric the quitter Thompson isn’t on the list for quitting in that title fight??!!

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