Aaron Reeves’ Ready For The Big Leagues

This Friday night at Legacy Fighting Championship 27 there will be a few fighters making the jump to the professional ranks of MMA. One of those fighters will be Metro Fight Club’s Aaron Reeves. The former Cage Combat welterweight champion, he is looking to make his mark on the pro scene. Aaron will be facing the always tough Jason Felton in a welterweight match up on the nights preliminary portion of the fights that will be headlined by Artenas Young vs. Tim Means. I caught up with Aaron to see how the transition from amateur to pro has been going.

*At the time of this interview, Aaron was set to fight Jason Felton. But since then, his opponent has changed to Julius Holmes.

Mark Carrillo: This is your first pro fight. How do you feel?

Aaron Reeves: I feel fine; definitely excited. I finally get a check after this fight so I’m very excited.

MC: You had an impressive amateur career. Have you made any changes in training prior to this fight?

AR: A bit, I won’t delve into the details, but I’d say the biggest change was the amount of training, which was already a lot.

MC: What do you know about your opponent Jason Felton?

AR: Not much, seems to be a striker, but you never know. We’ll see when the bell rings.

MC: Any added pressure being on a pro card in front of a larger crowd?

AR: Oh definitely, people’s expectations increase exponentially and if you don’t win you don’t make as much. But at the end of the day this is what I love, so it’s all good.

MC: What’s a typical day of training like for you?

AR: Wake up and train at 11 o’clock, go to class, train again at 7:30, run, go to sleep, do it again and again, pray for the weekend.

MC: Where would you like to take your MMA career in 2014?

AR: It’s hard to say for sure. This is my first pro fight, at this point all I want to do is fight. We will see who I end up facing as the year progresses.

MC: What other interests do you have besides MMA?

AR: I wouldn’t call it an interest, but I’m still in school. I am currently a senior at U of H and hoping to receive my bachelor of science degree in the next two, but probably three semesters.

MC: Anything you would like to say to your opponent before the fight?

AR: Good luck!

MC: Who all would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

AR: Got to thank the big man upstairs, got to thank Saul; without him I wouldn’t be here, best trainer there is, period. Also Ricco Rodriguez for his seminar last weekend and witnessing my blue belt ceremony, that was awesome. All my training partners Mike Brozoulis, Andrew Craig, Todd Moore and the rest of Team Tooke. Over the holidays they helped me get ready and I want them to know it means a lot. Of course my family, dad, mom, Aunt Shawn, Uncle Mark, and the rest of the family, I love you.

Be sure to buy your tickets for Legacy Fighting Championship 27 now or tune in Friday at 9 pm cst on AXS TV.

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