Samuel Mongonia Looking To Make A Statement In Houston

Headlining Muay Thai Kingdom 1 this Friday night at The Houston Athletic Fencing Center, will be Sam Mongonia and Amir Khan. The main event seemed to be in jeopardy after Mongonia’s original opponent stopped communication with his team; luckily Khan was willing to step in. Mongonia fights out of Revolution Gym and has been training Muay Thai for around 10 years now. He got into the sport after his brother Nete asked him to come along with him to class, and after the death of his father, it became a way for the brothers to grow closer. I had a chance to talk with Sam before he gets into the ring on Friday night.

Mark Carrillo: What happened to your original opponent?

Sam Mongonia: Who knows? His coach said he went AWOL, what ever that means, but there’s a new game to play and I think this guy is going to give every one a better show.

MC: Does the change of opponent bother you?

SM: May sound funny but, I was mentally prepared to fight the old guy. Now I’m working on this guy.

MC: You and your team have been trying to get the muay thai scene going in Houston for a while. Why do you think it has taken so long to pick up?

SM: I think it’s because there is too much culture for people, and it’s really when only 3 schools for the most part will step up and fight. Team Tooke, 4oz Fight Club, and Revolution!! There are a few other gyms that have 1 or 2 people but that’s about it.

MC: Where all have you fought?

SM: Iowa, Arizona, Oklahoma, Houston, anywhere you can find fights you will see our team there.

MC: How excited are you to fight in your hometown?

SM: Dude, I can’t wait. I’m always getting booed because I’m from the best country in the world, Texas!! Hahaha!

MC: Any added pressure being the main event?

SM: What I’m the main event? Just kidding, I like the spot light.

MC: What is going through your head on fight night?

SM: Walking is over rated after your fight!! Hah!!

MC: Who all would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

SM: First, my brother/training partner/coach/best buddy!! My teammates Uriel Figueroa (aka woody), JJ Ferraro, Jenn Guerrero, Ronnie Mongonia, TJ, Jack Johnson, Ray Aninzo, Jaime Lazcano, Johnny Naranjo, Jeff Messina, and Michael Corley for putting on this show. Most of all my loving wife LeeAnn Mongonia for putting up with me, and my 2 month old baby girl Sida Lee. My church faith assembly for supporting me, and I know everyone always says this but thank you God for letting me use my gifts. Also thanks to, keep up the good work.

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