I Do It Because I Love The Sport

The past 8 weeks of this training camp came to a conclusion with sort of a bitter sweet moment. As a fighter, you dedicate countless hours to learning your craft and sharpening your skills to become the best fighter you can be. On December 3rd, which would have been my 2nd BKB (Bare Knuckle Boxing) fight, I went from being the 2nd fight of the night, to being a swing bout, to fighting after the main event, to not fighting at all. There were circumstances outside of my control, as well as those in charge of the promotion, that caused my fight to get scratched. Was I upset at my fight getting canceled literally in the final hour of the evening? Of course I was.

I had dedicated so much time, not too much blood, sweat and tears (literally), with my brothers & sister, in preparation for this fight, to have it pulled. I sacrificed eating so much delicious food on Thanksgiving and then having to cut weight for this fight; that shit sucked balls. 

But that’s not the most frustrating part. I had other fighters and coaches tell me that I should be happy that I got a free vacation, got paid to show up and not fight, and I get to take another fight soon. I get the idea behind that, but here’s the problem with that logic. First, if you know me, you know how I LOVE to eat.I had to diet, give up Thanksgiving and cut weight for this fight. Second, I don’t do this ONLY for the money. Of course I fight to get paid, why else do you have a job? But I chose this profession for the love of combat.

I come from a well off family where my father is a doctor and my mother doesn’t have to work. I was raised with the mind set that I could be whatever the hell I wanted to be in life, and was fortunate enough to not have to struggle as a child. You hear so many stories about fighters growing up with all these hardships in combat sports; I didn’t have to do with any of that.

I chose this life because this is what I love, and when someone tells me I should be happy I didn’t fight and got paid, that shit pisses me the fuck off! My coach, who I love dearly, missed the birth of his first grandchild to be here with me for this fight; that’s fucking love and dedication. My teammate drove halfway across the country to be with me for this fight, and barely made it in time; that’s fucking love and dedication. There were just too many sacrifices made to accept and be happy that I got paid to go on vacation and not to do what I love so much.

I’ve finally accepted not fighting this time, and hope to fight again soon. I want to thank everyone that has been supportive of me throughout this camp and my career. I love each and every one of guys.

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  • Well that is unfortunate! I am sorry to hear that. I hate that this has to be a learning experience. Keep your head up and when you fight at home KNOW you have a ready and willing fan base to cheer you to victory.

  • There is a reason for it that mabye you’ll discover and mabye you’ll never know but all has it’s place and time. Keep it up big bro. Your an inspiration to us/those that come behind you.

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