Fury FC 1 Live Play By Play

Live Play By Play

Fights tonight start at 7:30pm. Mark Carrillo (@PincheMark979) will  be running this ship tonight… Stay tuned for a good time.

UPDATE 7:45 – Fights “starting” in 10 minutes…

UPDATE 7:59 – Fighters are walking out…

The #MTTBlog is out! Now you can see highlights of the action and follow along.

Kody Williams vs. Darell Nolan

Rd. 1: Williams with a single to a slam! Nolan scrambles back to his feet. Nolan taps suddenly! Looks to have injured his right knee.  

Winner: Kody Williams via Tech. Submission (Dislocated Knee)

Patrick Bierschwale vs. Angelo Analzuda

Rd. 1: Angelo comes out landing SHOTS! Patrick lands some knees in the clinch taking Angelo down. Patrick lands a few more knees from the clinch before round ends. (Not too much action)

Rd. 2: Round 2 starting off slow until Angelo throws the spinning backfist. Patrick takes a shot to the groin. Angelo taking deep breaths. Angelo has Bison on the cage, landing a few knees in the clinch… NUT SHOT! Angelo catches Bison in the balls with an AJ Hoffman kick to the junk… Action restarts with more punches being traded, no one has a clear advantage. That’s the end of the round.

Rd. 3: Both fighters come out trading punches, none really effective. Bison shoots in for the takedown, but Angelo defends for a moment. Bison get the takedown landing in half guard. Bison landing some shots on the ground… The ref stands them up?!?! WOW! Both fighter’s face showing signs of damage, but Bison pressing the fight looking for the takedowns, which he gets ad the 10 second clap sounds… This is a close fight, lets see who the judges give it to.

Winner: Patrick Bierschwale def. Angelo Analzuda via Split Decision (29-28, 27-30,30-27)

Sam Mohammed vs. Matt Rodgers

Rd. 1: Sam Mohammed comes out and lands a HUGE left hook that rocks Matt. Rodgers immediately looks for the takedown but can’t get it. They separate and Matt seems to have recovered… Matt gets a body tackle takedown and is landing BIG SHOTS!! Sam is able to get back to his feet, but looks gassed already (yeah, it’s the 1st round). Matt gets the thai plum and lands some solid uppercuts from the clench. Mohammed is able to get away, and they circle as the round ends.

Rd. 2: Round 2 starts with a lot of circling… and feeler shots being thrown. Sam goes in for a takedown and lands in a thai clench… AND eats a big knee to the kisser… SOMETHING just happened, Matt feel down and the judge nearest to the action is waving off the fight… Matt has a serious knee injury and taps out.

Winner: Sam Mohammed def. Matt Rodgers via Technical Submission (Knee Injury)

Second fight to end with a knee injury… What the hell?!

Rakim Cleveland vs. Armando Herrera Jr.

Rd. 1: Armando comes out and immediately looks for the clench. Rakim lands NASTY KNEES and just tossed Herrera to the ground like a rag doll. Some punches land on the ground and the ref steps in at :49.

Winner: Rakim Cleveland def. Armando Herrera Jr. via TKO (Strikes)

15 min intermission.

Fighters walking out…

Todd Moore vs. Edwynn “Ox” Jones

Rd. 1: Todd comes out aggressive pushing forward but not throwing much; feeling Ox out. Ox fainting with kicks… Todd shoots in and gets a soft slam on Ox. Todd lands in half guard and lands on ground and pound. Ox rolls and Todd has his back from the side and is landing hard, precise shots. Todd gets the back and works for the choke, but Ox is able to defend. Todd is throwing punches whole looking for the choke… The 10 second clap sounds and Ox taps from the RNC.

Winner: Todd Moore def. Edwynn Jones via Submission (RNC)

Jason Felton vs. Taylor Moses

Rd. 1: Jason Felton comes out and lands a big push kick to the face. Taylor eats it and goes for the takedown. The height advantage of Felton allows him to lock in a triangle off his back, but it isn’t locked in tight enough. Taylor tries to Rampage his way out and to no avail. Taylor wiggles his way out and lands some nice punches from top, but gets caught in a reverse triangle.  Taylor gets out of that and they both stand up. Felton throws a kick which Taylor catches and get the takedown where he lands in side control. Some nice punches land and eventually Felton recovers guard. That’s where this round will end.

Rd. 2: Felton again comes out with the flashy kicks, some land, but then he’s back on the mat where Taylor wants him. Moses is in side control landing short shots… Transition to North/South. Felton is able to get back in side control… Taylor goes for the RNC from the side… Felton taps.

Winner: Taylor Moses def. Jason Felton via Submission (RNC)

15 Minute Intermission

Charles Cheeks vs. Ray Blodget

Rd. 1: We have a lefty versus a righty, who will impliment their game?… Blodget comes out fainting kicks as Cheeks presses the action. Checks secures a body lock and picks up Ray… Ray tries to defend, but is on his back. Cheeks lands in Ray’s guard and is looking for the ground and pound. Ray’s working for several submissions from his back…. Charles winds up for a punch and Blodget throws his legs up for the armbar. Cheeks is able to get out of it but lands in the triangle. Cheeks picks Blodget up for the slam but Ray lets go. It was an awkward fall and Blodget seems to have hurt his knee. Cheeks lands some nasty punches, but Ray is able to survive the round. Ray is slow to get up and is pointing to his knee… He’s able to stand on his own now and is bouncing around. We will get a round 2.

Rd. 2: Both fighters meet in the center of the cage and exchange some big shots. Blodget seems to be landing the more effective punches. Cheeks wants no more and immediately shoots in for a power double. Ray is able to get back to his feet, but not for long. Ray is on his back working for the submission, while Cheeks is trying desperately to punch Ray in the face. Ray is looking for the triangle, but Cheeks is powering his way out of it all… 10 second clap and the round will end from the guard of Ray Blodget.

Rd. 3: Both fighters again charge the center of the cage and Ray lands a nice 1-2. Cheeks goes for the power double, but Blodget is able to defend. As Cheeks breaks away, Ray is looking for the big knee. Ray is able to land a nice uppercut, but Cheeks shoots in again and secures the takedown… The break away and exchange in a rock em, sock em exchange where Ray lands some solid shots… Cheeks goes for the takedown but Ray stuff. Ray hits a switch and swiftly is on his back looking for the choke. Cheeks is able to reverse but can’t do much damage. Both fighters are back to their feet and swinging for the fences. The bell sounds and that was the most entertaining fight thus far tonight. 

Winner: Charles Cheeks def. Ray Blodget via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Travis Tooke vs. Rashid Abdullah

Rd. 1: Tooke comes out and is landing some NASTY low kicks… He attempts a takedown but Rashid is able to stuff it. Tooke’s kickboxing is looking crisp. Rashid pushes forward with some nice shots, but nothing hard. Tooke shoots in for the single, Rashid defends, but Tooke switches to the double and gets it. Tooke transitions to mount where the round ends.

Rd. 2: Travis comes to the center and is back to throwing his kicks. Tooke comes in with punches, but nothing lands. Rashid is staying right out of reach from anything… Rashid shoots in for the single, but Tooke is able to shake him off. Both guys are pawing their jab, Tooke lands a flush body kick that pushes Rashid back. Rashid lands a huge right hand to Tooke’s jaw that seemed to have hurt him, but he’s able to circle out and recover… Tooke shoots in for the double and lands in half guard where the round ends.

Rd. 3: Rashid paws the jab but Tooke immediately goes for the takedown. Rashid is able to defend and reverse the action on the cage. Rashid landing some knees, but one lands low; ref doesn’t see it. Rashid goes for a single, but Tooke defends. Another knee lands to the junk, you could hear the echo of the cup, still, the ref does nothing. Rashid has Tooke on the fence and is holding, the crowd erupts in boos… Tooke tries for a throw but lands on his back with Rashid in his guard. Tooke throws up the armbar, but the bell sounds and that’s the fight. Another one goes to the judges.

Winner: Travis Tooke def. Rashid Abdullah via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Brief intermission, time for the main event

Alex Morono vs. Rob Wood

Rd. 1: Both fighters looking for their range. Wood paws a jab and Morono lands a nice check hook. No setup, Morono lands a nice overhand right. Morono is throwing shots, ALL with bad intentions. Woods lands a nice body kick which Morono shrugs off. Woods dives in for the takedown, but Morono is able to defend and lands a nice elbow on the break. Woods is trying to work the body kicks, but Morono sees them coming. Morono is really looking for a home for his right hand; some are landing others are catching the shoulder… But they all look like they hurt. Jab, jab, BIG over hand right from Morono… Woods dives in for another takedown but Morono defends… Lands some nice jackoff punches a la Andrew Craig in the process… Wood dives in for another takedown and secures it. Wood falls into Morono’s guillotine. It looks deep, but eventually Woods escapes and they are back to their feet. Punches are exchange and the bell sounds as woods dives in with an overhand right himself.

Rd. 2: Woods comes out with the body kicks again, but doesn’t faze Morono. Morono sets up a nice combo with a left hook to the body and then a right hand to the head… Wood clenches up and lands a few knees while in tight. Morono answers back then goes for an outside trip to no avail. Morono throws a punch which Wood slips and secures a takedown. Morono tries to reverse and ends up in what looks like a Kama Sutra position. They’re back to their feet, and back in the clench. Morono with some dirty boxing, and Wood answers with an elbow. Both fighters look gassed and are throwing hard shots that are landing. 

They’re back to clenching where Wood lands some solid knees and a HARD right elbow that turns Morono’s head, but again, he looks it off. Wood is pressing the action on the cage, trying to attack, but Morono is canceling it out with kicks of his own. Both fighters are looking spent as the bell sounds to end the round.

Rd. 3: Last round of the night… Both fighters circle and paw punches and kicks, nothing on any shots. Morono catches a kick, but too tired to return over Wood’s knee. Morono with a straight right to the body that backs Wood up. They tie up in the clench and Wood breaks away with hard right hand that doesn’t seem to faze Morono. Back in the clench, Wood is able to secure a trip and get Morono to the mat. Morono back up, looking for a takedown of his own, but Wood defends… Morono briefly has Wood’s back but he reverse and attempts a takedown that Morono defends. Back in the clench were short shots are traded, but then they separate. Morono has the look of a big right in his eyes, but Wood clenches up before it launches. There’s lots of dirty boxing and clenching on the cage… They separate and swing wildly as the bell sounds to end the fight. We are going to the judges in another CLOSE fight…

Winner: Rob Wood def. Alex Morono via. Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

What a great night of fights… Stay tuned for the Fight of the Night Awards on the MikeTheTruth Blog.

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