Cage Combat 15 Interview With Ground Dwellers’ Vic Lomax

Friday October 4th, Garcia Promotions is back with Cage Combat 15 to the Humble Civic Center. There is fourteen fights on the card thus far, one of them being Vic Lomax vs Cody Owens. Lomax will be making his fifth appearance in the cage as an amateur after posting a 2-2 record thus far. I caught up with Vic to see how training camp has been going and what we can expect to see from him on fight night.

Mark Carrillo: How has training and everything been going for your upcoming fight?

Vic Lomax: Pretty great, a little bumpy here and there with fights switching and things like that, but it comes with the fights and you got to learn to work through things like that so it’s all good.

MC: You were originally slated to face Mike Ross, but he has recently backed out of the fight and now you are facing Cody Owens from Team Tooke. Did it switch any your training with a last minute switch of opponent?

VL: Unfortunately I won’t be fighting Mike Ross due to him backing out for whatever reason, but I’m not too upset about it. I’ll be fighting Cody Owens out of Jace Pitre’s gym, who in my opinion is much more of a challenge and I’m always down for a good fight. I’ve never seen him fight but he trains at a great gym and you’ve got to respect all your opponents in this game so I’m training hard and I’m excited for the challenge.

MC: How many fights is this for you now and what is your current record?

VL: This will be my 5th fight. I’m currently 2-2.

MC: What is a typical day of training like for you?

VL: A typical day of training for me starts with running a few miles to warm up followed by going over grappling technique and rolling/sparing. After that, a cardio session followed by going over striking technique then either sparring or more cardio depending on the day.

MC: What would be your dream ending for this fight? If it could happen exactly like you wanted it to.

VL: Honestly, by the time I step in that cage I’ve probably dreamed over a million scenarios of me winning this fight it’s hard to even choose one haha. I’ve always wanted to hit a flying knee KO though.

MC: What can we expect from you after this fight? Any plans on going pro eventually?

VL: After this fight I plan to continue fighting and making the steps towards a title. I definitely have plans of going pro. It’s been my dream for a long time and something I want more than anything is to make it far in this sport. I want to be known as one if the best one day. My coach and mentor Eddie Avelar has known this and has always helped me work to this goal in every way possible. I wouldn’t be in the spot I’m in or have my ability with out him. I trust with work and time I’ll be where I want to be.

MC: What’s going through your head right before the fight starts and you and your opponent are staring each other down waiting for the bell to ring?

VL: I can’t even explain where my mind goes at that moment. I think about everything from fears and doubts to all the work I’ve done to get here and where I plan on being. Soon as that bell rings it’s all gone and I’m in a focused trance.

Here is a list of those Mr. Lomax wanted to thank personally for helping him prepare for this fight: I want to thank God for leading me on this journey and blessing me all the opportunities he has. I also want to thank Eddie Avelar and his family for all they’ve done and my mom for all the support. Big thanks to Stark Nova for the support.

Be sure to be at The Humble Civic Center to see Vic Lomax go to war Friday October 4th! Get your tickets here at

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