Talking Fighting, and Picking Up Chicks With Pete Spratt

Last Friday I set out to do my first one on one interview with a professional MMA fighter. Luckily for me it was the one and only Pete Spratt, one of my all time favorite fighters. So I had no problem loading up my Altima with a bunch of workout clothes and getting my two road dogs (my older brother Mike and my close friend Jeff) and making the trip to San Antonio, Texas to meet Pete. My road dogs also helped pay for the trip so I am obliged to give them a quick thank you. I met Pete at Rodrigo Pinheiro’s gym as he was beginning to teach his morning Muay Thai class, he allowed me to join in on the class and then took time to do a quick interview with me; discussing his upcoming fight, fighting after 40, and picking up women.  Mr. Pinheiro himself then asked me to stay for my first gi Jiu Jitsu class, which was awesome because I look badass in a gi and headband. I could go out to the club in that I swear. Everyone at the gym was super friendly, and I would recommend the gym to anyone in the San Antonio area.

So there I was, a little winded, with only an iPhone to record the interview, and nervous as hell, sitting next to Pete Spratt trying not to look nervous or star stuck. Pete quickly made me feel comfortable though. This was a great experience that I will remember for a life time. Thanks Pete.

MC: So how has your training been going for this fight coming up?

PS: It’s been going alright up until I got whatever this “bug” that everyone’s been getting. Fortunately it wasn’t the flu, but I’ve been down for the past couple days. Felling a lot better now and looking to get back to training full go.

MC: Now I saw you were 40 years old when you got the fastest knock out of your career versus Antonio Flores. You almost have 50 MMA fights under your belt, not to mention kickboxing matches as well. Why do you continue fighting? What do you feel you have left to prove?

PS: I mean fighting is something that I love to do still, and there’s not allot of people that can say they love their job; and I love my job, I love being in the gym. I love giving back to the younger guys. I got a good stable of guys that’s coming up, but I don’t feel like I have to prove anything to be quite honest. You know I think a lot of the stuff I’ve done over my career has spoken for itself. You just mentioned my fastest knockout at 40 years old, so that’s a feat within itself. I don’t feel I have anything to prove, as far as to anybody, but there is some unsettled business that I need for myself. To prove to myself, and I know I still got it. So, I’m just going to make a push to see if I can get back to the ultimate goal which is being on the biggest show in the world; and if it happens it happens, if not I’m content with what I’ve done with my career.

MC: Now you just had a switch of opponents, you were originally scheduled to fight “Cyborg” Santos unfortunately he was injured and unable to fight, now Dan Hornbuckle has stepped in to face you. How has your game plan changed if at all since your new opponent was announced?

PS: My game plan never changes. I go in to look for the finish, that’s just what I do. Pretty much my whole career people have tried to do the same thing, take me down and submit me, and I’ve continued to work on that. My submission defense has gotten better, my wresting has gotten better. My game plan always stays the same though. Keep them on their feet, and try to knock them out.

MC: What can we expect from you in this fight? Another amazing KO? Any advantage to fighting in front of your home crowd?

PS: For me there’s no advantage, you know those people in the stands can’t go in there and fight with me. I’m looking to do the same thing I always do, I’m looking for the finish. If I don’t get the finish, it is what it is. I’m 42 years old I ain’t trying to go to the cards.

MC: Now lately I’ve been having problems with the ladies. Do you have any advice for me on picking up women?

PS: Just be yourself man.

MC: That’s not working out I need something better.

PS: If you can’t be yourself you’re looking at the wrong women, you need to go to a different spot.

MC: That leads me to my next question. Can I tell girls we are good friends in order to maybe get them to come to my house?

PS: Sure thing. Why not? There are a lot of people that probably do that anyway.

MC: Well thank you so much for doing this interview. I wish you the best of luck against Hornbuckle February 1st at Legacy FC 17 here in San Antonio. Anybody you would like to thank or give a shout out to before we end the interview?

PS: My whole team here at RPBJJ and Pete Spratt Muay Thai, all my training partners they know who they are. My sponsors, I always got to give a shout out to MMA Overload; other than that to the fans of San Antonio you have to come out and see. It’s going to be a great show, there’s allot of hometown boys that are fighting on the card and it’s going to make for an interesting night.

Contact Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ and Pete Spratt Muay Thai at or call them at 210-404-9955

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