Mike “The Truth” Beauty – Sarah Leann

Every few weeks, MikeTheTruth.com will profile a young lady who is making a mark in the world that revolves around her. This could be in modeling, entertainment or any other professional industry.

Age: 20
Ethnicity: Polish & French
Birth place: Houston
Hieght: 5’4
Measurments: 34-27-39
Favorite sport: Texans Football
Profession: Waitress & Pool Cleaner
Interest: Spending time with the kid, family and friends. Cooking, watching movies, taking pictures and going out on the boat

Sarah is a mother of a 4 year old. She works 6 days a week either at Hooters bar-tending or waiting tables, or cleaning pools for her uprising business. You can also catch Sarah competing in Hooters’ beauty pageants where she’s making a name for herself.

Sarah is an “All Around Mom”. She attends swim practice and meets, and gymnastics 5 days a week. Adding to that, there is now dance classes that have recently started for the little one. Sarah also prides herself in being an excellent cook and for keeping a well kept home.

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  • Just stumbled upon your list of beauties. Great to see another website spotlighting some amazing and sexy ladies. Sarah is definitely a favorite on our site and hope to see more of her modeling soon.

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