Funny Randomness…

So Robert Littal of made a post on his twitter account that has to be the funniest thing ive read in quite some time.

“Random Things I Read Online: Prostitute Pimpin

   This is from a message board I go to from time to time.  Here is the Post that was made:

You N*guhs ever pick up a prostitute

And drive her around asking bull*** questions til she gets pissed, and tells you to drop her off where you picked her up? That sh** is fun when you high yo!

I picked up a hoe earlier and told her I had just smoked weed for tha very first time, and my heart was beating real fast.. I started actin like I was buggin out.. B** went into panic and called tha ambulance on me! I told that hoe I was just playin and get tha hell out that car.”

LMAO!!!!!!!! Thanks Rob. Check him out on Twitter and Tumblr.

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